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Rylee (formerly Treva) has crossed the rainbow bridge

Thu Aug 19 2021

Author: Janet Leydon

I am writing to let you know the Rylee (formerly Treva) has crossed the rainbow bridge. She was very ill with late stage kidney failure. Everything progressed very quickly. Just last year we learned of elevated levels during an oral surgery pre-op. Then within the last 2 weeks she took a major turn and we are left a little blind sighted and heartbroken.

My family and I are absolutely devastated. Rylee was the best! She was there for all the important milestones and the everyday small things. She woke us up every morning. I don’t think I’ve had to use an alarm clock in years. She came to our wedding and on our honeymoon. She traveled all over New England, down to Maryland, up to Montreal and Prince Edward Island. She was the best adventure partner, everywhere we went someone had a story about a Brittany. She was wise and gentle but strong and independent. She was always there when someone was upset.

Rylee and I were always together! The longest I went without seeing her was when my son was born and I snuck out of the hospital to see her in the parking lot! My kids adored her. My son plays super Rylee all the time where Rylee is just an everyday dog superhero! We are going to miss her like crazy. But most of all we would like to thank you for allowing people like us to connect with amazing Brits like Rylee.

With gratitude and puffy eyes.


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