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A Brittany Spaniel
A Brittany Spaniel
A Brittany Spaniel
A Brittany Spaniel

The Breed

The Brittany, also known as Epagneul Bretons, are the smallest dogs from the group of pointing retrievers. The Brittany was bred in the French province of the same name in the mid-1800s, quite possibly from crossing French spaniels with English Setters. They have originally been bred for hunting and their functions have been preserved They hunt in heavy brush by flushing their game for the hunter's gun.

This breed was originally known as the Brittany Spaniel for its spaniel-like size and heritage, but the Brittany Club dropped "Spaniel" in 1982 to recognize this dog as the smallest of the pointers. Nowadays, Brittanys are used for a variety of purposes. They do well in hunting, field trials, and perform well in a show ring. Besides, the breed tends to make a wonderful pet.

Brittany Breed Description

The Brittany is a squarely built dog of medium size. It is very active and enjoys a variety of activities. The Brittany has a clipped gait, a peculiar feature of the breed. The breed is relatively easy to care for. The coat is not very dense and requires little grooming.

Average Height: 19-20 inches measured from the ground to the highest point of the shoulders. Any Brittany measuring under 17.5 inches or over 20.5 inches shall be disqualified from dog show competition.

Average Weight: 33-45 lbs

The Brittany has a rounded skull. The triangular ears are set up high. The eyes are brown. These dogs have a relatively long neck that mends softly into the shoulders. The Brittany has a broad chest and straight forelegs with sufficient bone. Many breeders prefer to crop the tail.

Typically colors are orange and white or liver and white in clear patterns. Black is not an acceptable color in American Brittanys but it is acceptable in the closely related French Brittany.

Temperament of a Brittany

The Brittany is a happy, alert dog, neither mean nor shy. The Brittany is said to be very intelligent. The breed tends to learn things quickly, yet needs consistent training. These dogs may be willful and need to be socialized early.

Despite the fact that the Brittany has inborn hunting instincts and is likely to obey most owner commands, obedience training should be a priority when raising a dog. Training should start early and continue throughout the life of the dog. Brittanys are people-oriented dogs. They do not do well when left along for a long time. The breed does well with children and other pets. Play is one of the favorite activities of the breed. It is important for the dog to be involved in something. Otherwise it is likely to be bored.

Overall, a lot of physical activities are strongly recommended for this breed. So is mental stimulation. Brittany like to please their owners and make affectionate pets.